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Prime Minister Zoolander wants cheap labor

Not enough rooms in hospitals, congested highways, a skyrocketing real estate market and stagnant wages. The response from the Canadian government? Import more people!

Canada plans to welcome more than 1.3 million new immigrants to the country over the next three years to help its economy recover from COVID-19 and to drive future growth. [...]

The new plan calls for an annual intake that will reach 431,645 in 2022; 447,055 in 2023; and 451,000 in 2024 — equivalent to 1.14 per cent of the population by 2024.

The average price of a house in Toronto hit $1.4 million in 2022. It was only $1 million two years ago.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment nearby was $600 six years ago. I heard of a couple moving into one recently. Their rent? $1,600.


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