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No deterrence

The Fake President of the US acts tough but his policies made Russia stronger. Leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban after 20 years assured Putin that the pampered, woke West has no stomach for a fight.

Not the D-T-A!

With Russia poised to tear through Eastern Europe with terrifying military power, Biden warned Putin that if he doesn't stop advancing his army, he will be forced to deploy his deadly trans admiral.

Lord have mercy!

"You think I'm joking, Vlad! I ain't messin' around here! You don't want me to use this!" said Biden to Putin in a Zoom call, motioning to a portrait of transgender admiral and Assistant HHS Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine. "This is the deadliest weapon the United States has ever produced, and I won't hesitate to use it on you! Watch out!"

And if that wasn't bad enough:

After Putin led Russia in an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Biden addressed the world and outlined the steps he'd take to stop Russia from rampaging through Eastern Europe.

"Listen, folks, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, today I directed my social media manager to unfollow Putin on Twitter," said Biden. "That Putin guy is a major internet influencer and we need to hit him where it hurts. We have no other choice. God have mercy on us."

Max the Vax

It is. Big Pharma makes billions and governments, like here in Canada, seize tremendous power. It has been proved again: MPAI.

Calling out tyranny

If you oppose Prime Minister Zoolander, then you'll be arrested and denied bail:

Woke justice

"Racism" and "hate speech" are simply anti-White tools:

The person responsible for the racist graffiti found at C.K. McClatchy High School last week has been identified, the Sacramento City Unified School District announced Thursday.

Last Friday, someone wrote the words “White” and “Colored” over water fountains at McClatchy High, a reference to the Jim Crow era. The district’s race and equity monitor, Mark T. Harris, told CBS13 a Black female student confessed to the vandalism and cameras caught her in action.

Of course, this is totally not racist:

“I don’t believe those words that were on those water fountains were racist,” Harris said. “I do not believe they were hate crime or hate speech. Part of it quite honestly is because the admitted perpetrator is a young African American woman.”

Yup. The "crime" depends on the color of the person who is committing the act.

Tyranny in action

No evidence, no court order, no trial but pure malice and retribution:

The beginning of the end for Trudeau

Prime Minister Zoolander unleashes the Banksters on unacceptable Canadians:

Using powers granted under the Emergencies Act, the federal government has directed banks and other financial institutions to stop doing business with people associated with the anti-vaccine mandate convoy occupying the nation's capital.

Trudeau just made tens of thousands of permanent enemies:

"Paying bills, paying rent and any kind of day-to-day financial transaction can be stopped for people who are part of the protest movement," she said.

There may also be some "unintended consequences" from frozen accounts, such as suspended alimony and child support payments, Davis said. "It's going to be very difficult for them."

A Romanian politician has a few choice words for the Canadian Clown:

A wicked world

Yup. Those who were buying young sex slaves are shielded. Those who donated a few bucks to an unacceptable peaceful protest are subjected to harassment and financial ruin.

Capital flight

That's one way to start a bank run:

Under orders from the Supreme Chancellor of the People's Republic of Canada Justin Trudeau, all bank ATMs across the provinces will now require anyone attempting to withdraw money from their accounts to take a small quiz on their political beliefs.

"Let me be perfectly clear," said Trudeau while standing in a puddle of his own urine. "Those with unacceptable views shouldn't have money. These evil working-class people being allowed to buy things and eat is a threat to public safety and national security. Starting today, all ATMs will screen people for unacceptable views before they can withdraw funds."

Prime Minister Zoolander wants cheap labor

Not enough rooms in hospitals, congested highways, a skyrocketing real estate market and stagnant wages. The response from the Canadian government? Import more people!

Canada plans to welcome more than 1.3 million new immigrants to the country over the next three years to help its economy recover from COVID-19 and to drive future growth. [...]

The new plan calls for an annual intake that will reach 431,645 in 2022; 447,055 in 2023; and 451,000 in 2024 — equivalent to 1.14 per cent of the population by 2024.

The average price of a house in Toronto hit $1.4 million in 2022. It was only $1 million two years ago.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment nearby was $600 six years ago. I heard of a couple moving into one recently. Their rent? $1,600.

So very glum

Today: 120C. A little windy but otherwise fantastic for February.

Thursday: -5 to 50C. Colossal amount of freezing rain.

Friday: -200C. The snow storm hits with full force. Ugly weekend follows.

It's like three different seasons in three days.

Mocking the clowns

The Russians are not amused:

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has jokingly asked American and British media outlets to release a schedule of Russia’s "upcoming invasions" of Ukraine for the current year.

"I’d like to request US and British disinformation: Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Sun media outlets to publish the schedule for our upcoming invasions for the year. I’d like to plan my vacation," the Russian diplomat said on her Telegram channel Wednesday.

Not taking the fourth

The comedian who collapsed on stage after bragging about getting her third booster shot told Dr. Drew during an interview that she probably won’t be getting a fourth shot.

She fainted on stage with perfect timing. The audience laughed. She survived and learned her lesson the hard way. I wonder how many weren't lucky? What if one faints while on a hike, taking the stairs, riding the bike, or driving a car? A lethal car accident, in such a case, couldn't even be counted as a consequence of the dreaded vaxxes.

The science has evolved!

Starting January 24th, the provincial government of Quebec imposed strict vaccine passport requirements on big stores like Walmart and Costco:

Large stores in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec require vaccine passports. It applies to stores that are larger than 16,000 square feet but does not include grocery stores or pharmacies. The government of Quebec’s policy is an attempt to convince holdouts to get vaccinated.

This has not been easy to implement for retailers like Walmart, IKEA, Costco, and other big box stores.

And now, not even a month later, Quebec announces that they fucked up:

Quebec will drop its vaccine passport requirement for all public spaces by March 14, the government announced Tuesday.

Health Minister Christian Dubé explained the decision at a news conference, saying the COVID-19 situation in the province has improved enough to gradually ease the measure.

As of Wednesday, Quebecers will no longer need to show a vaccine passport to enter liquor and cannabis stores as well as larger retail outlets.

So, for huge retailers, the vaccine passport lasted a grand total of... 23 days. Surely, those Big Bad Truckers had nothing to do with this turnaround.

Never go full retard

The University of Bristol in the U.K. is offering guidance to its staff on “using pronouns at work,” which includes not only the usual “he/him,” “she/her” and “they/them,” but so-called “neopronouns” as well.

There really is no limit to stupidity.

Then there are pronouns for what are known as “xenic” individuals, those whose gender “does not fit within ‘the Western human binary of gender alignments.'”

One of these is called “catgender,” where a person strongly identifies with cats “or other felines” or “may experience delusions relating to being a cat.”

Such individuals may use “nya/nyan” pronouns. The latter is the Japanese word for “meow.”

Leave the Coloreds alone

The theatre department at Arizona State University recently hosted a cabaret show that explicitly barred white students from performing in it.

“The Color Cabaret” is “an opportunity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) students in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre to create performances that speak to their own experience,” according to a description for the performance held the last weekend in January.

When a black guy utters the word nigger, it's alright. If an unapproved White dude says it, then his punishment is swift and overwhelming. When coloreds ban White people from a theater show, it's fine. If a White group tried to ban coloreds from their show, then the media would descend on them like vultures and shred them. Then, there's discrimination in education, jobs, hospital medical attention, etc.

The logical end is for White people to have their own distinct society, nation, and country. Let the coloreds have their own separate "experiences" where they'll continue to bitch about horrible YT.

Calamity for the young and poor

It's the same in the dumb North. In the last two years, the biggest city in Canada saw a 43% increase in the average sold price of a property. The average price of property in Toronto is now $1.14 million. Understand that this includes condos and townhouses. The average price of a detached house is close to $1.4 million.

For a rich guy who could easily borrow at 3% to buy and flip a house, that translates to a profit of roughly $15,000 per month for two years. If he bought two houses, then that's a cool $1,000 a day for two years.