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The Science!

After two years of multiple lockdowns, mask mandates, two-shot "vaccines", and follow-up jabs, Ontario, Canada recently reported the highest number of new infections in a day!

Ontario reported 9,571 new COVID-19 cases and six net new deaths on Friday, shattering all previous records for infection while multiple officials conceded the province’s testing system can no longer keep up with and track the spread of infection.

Oh, the best part:

The Ministry of Health said that 1,536 of Friday’s cases involved unvaccinated people, 356 involved partially vaccinated people, 7,425 involved fully vaccinated people and 254 involved people with unknown vaccination status.

77% of the infected were fully retarded vaccinated. They've likely already infected tens of thousands of more people. There are few, if any, tests done during Christmas or Boxing Day. So, the upcoming numbers in late December will be absolutely epic.


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