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Closer to reality

The Colored Faces of White Supremacy

The prey has to understand the reality of predators:

On Wednesday, the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office announced hate crime charges against six suspects in 70 crimes after a sprawling year-long investigation, according to the Bay Area News Group. And it definitely appears that yes, some of the most prolific attackers do specifically target Asian women, often seniors. They know this because according to the DA’s evidence, “ethnic slurs were allegedly used against some of the women,” and “the men allegedly targeted Asian women because they believed [Asians] ‘don’t use banks’ and would be carrying cash.”

The Black guys look to be over 200 lbs. The old women likely weigh closer to a 100. Easy targets.

I've personally heard of similar attacks in Canada as well. An Asian girl told me that a man approached her, slapped her face, and stole her money. She was too shocked and stunned to react. She was alone and had just left an ATM.

In another case, an Asian girl was using her iPhone while walking on the sidewalk close to her dorm and a fellow jogger swooped down on his bicycle and snatched her phone.

Carry pepper spray and travel in packs or leave the diversity-filled shithole cities.


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