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When people complain that the government should do more about X, Y, or Z, they fail to appreciate that they are asking the most powerful thugs to increase their power. They are rotten thieves with a monopoly on the use of force:

“Civil forfeiture means that the government, law enforcement, etc., is allowed to take away your property — often your car or even your home — without an arrest, without criminal charges, and without ever going to court. And then the police can sell your property and use the proceeds as revenue.”

Ocasio-Cortez has identified a very real problem. Over the last 20 years, the government has confiscated roughly $68.8 billion in property through this unfair process, according to the Institute for Justice. And, as the below graph shows, in 2019, the federal government alone — not even counting state and local law enforcement — stole more property annually than burglars did!

Yeah, a cop "suspects" you and there goes your property. You can lose decades of hard work in an instant because the corrupt police wants a few dollars.


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