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Going full retard

As if the millions of new immigrants, stagnant wages, and sky-high rents and housing prices wasn't bad enough, we're now being told to cut down on VERY BAD language:

Have you ever casually used the terms "spirit animal," "first-world problem," or "spooky"? It might be time to rethink your use of these phrases and remove them from your daily lingo.

Of course, some words can ONLY be uttered by certain people. For example:

"If a non-Indigenous person says 'this is my tribe,' I don't think it's OK, despite the fact that they're using it presumably in a metaphorical way," said Taniguchi.

The combination of ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, and maliciousness is absolutely stunning. The word "tribe" has been used across multiple continents for thousands of years. Since when did a few people in Canada get a monopoly on that term?

This is just another tool that'll be used against Bad Thinkers. If you've used VERY BAD words like blacklist, spooky, ghetto, savage, lame, etc., then get ready to be cancelled in the near-future. 


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