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Cold and Crazy

The temperature in Singapore barely goes outside a 10-degree range in the entire year.

The most hellish time in Saudi Arabia for me was when it hit 52 degrees Celsius. The absolute coldest was around 5 degrees. So, a range of about 47 degrees in my entire life in Arabia.

And then there's Canada:

On December 26 around 2:00 p.m. EST, a temperature of -51.1°C was recorded in Rabbit Kettle, Northwest Territories, while Louisbourg, Nova Scotia simultaneously became the warmest spot in the country at a balmy 4.6°C (40.3°F), which is an impressive national range of nearly 56 degrees.

Once the temperature in my Canadian city went from -20°C to +20°C within 24 hours. The snow on the ground turned into a lake. Walking on the sidewalk wasn't fun with traffic splashing the water everywhere.


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