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This was easy to see:

77% of the infected were fully retarded vaccinated. They've likely already infected tens of thousands of more people. There are few, if any, tests done during Christmas or Boxing Day. So, the upcoming numbers in late December will be absolutely epic.

A few Covid numbers from Canada:

May 2020. 1st Wave. Active cases at peak: ~35,000
January 2021. 2nd Wave. Active cases at peak: ~85,000
April 2021. 3rd Wave. Active cases at peak: ~89,000
September 2021. 4th Wave. Active cases at peak: ~47,000

After the lockdowns, two-shot vaccines, the never-ending boosters, required face diapers, and mandatory Covid passports for gyms, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, air travel etc., these were the numbers yesterday for Canada:

December 29, 2021. 5th Wave. Active cases: 207,418. New cases: 93,410.

There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the infected are fully vaccinated. They got their shots to participate in society and, somehow, we're witnessing the largest number of infections ever.

Have the Canadians learned anything or will they drop their pants and bend over for their nth shot early next year?


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