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The Destruction of Canada II

The Destruction of Canada I

The approximate price increase of certain items in the past year.

  • Food: 25%
  • Housing: 35%
  • Oil: 50%
  • Computer graphics cards: 100%

So, what is the Canadian government doing?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new immigration minister plans to maintain, and even ramp up, Canada’s efforts to grow the nation’s labor force with foreign workers. [...]

Like other nations, Canada suffers from an aging native-born population and relatively low fertility rates but has been able to produce the fastest population growth in the Group of Seven in recent years. High levels of foreign-born workers, for example, have helped to mitigate wage pressures in Canada in recent months at a time when inflation has been surging.

It's shocking that the corporate media wrote that last sentence. "Mitigate wage pressure"! Millennials and Gen. Z are experiencing the worst inflation of their life and the government, a) keeps their wages low by importing millions of new workers, and b) skyrockets the prices in the inflated housing market. This makes it increasingly more difficult for young guys to marry and start a family. This ugly situation is used as the logic for ... more immigration!


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