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Alim K. (24) ambushed his pregnant ex-girlfriend with the knife. Then the student stabbed 76 times, killing Juvy-Ann (22) and their unborn child.

What should be the punishment for a monster who stabs a pregnant woman and her baby to death? According to a German judge: one decade. Worse, the demon will be be out in six years for "good" behavior.

Father Hans Joachim F. in tears to BILD: “A bank robber gets the same punishment. And here someone is butchering my daughter and maybe getting out of jail before he's thirty. How can that be?" [...]

Judge Kelm explains: “The victim insulted him before the act, that is a shattering of the personality structure. Only then did he freak out, pulling the knife he had brought with him."

What a template. Every halaal murderer is going to use that excuse in the future. That gal insulted me! I couldn't help but slice her up! You understand.


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