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Losing trust

Vox Day:

I haven’t believed a word coming out of the medical science community since the whole Food Pyramid thing was conclusively proven to be backwards. While most Americans duly ate more bread and pasta while reducing their fat consumption and became overweight, I kept the weight off because I saw how people who ate more meat and less carbohydrates lost weight and stayed in shape. Of course, I was already skeptical due to the flip-flopping on whether it was butter or margarine that was good for you.

It’s not that the individual general practitioners are always wrong, the problem is that the medical community as a whole doesn’t hesitate to lie any more than the media does.

Yup. The Food Pyramid is completely backwards. Following it basically guarantees that one becomes and stays unhealthy. I still remember how one of my colleagues was horrified to learn that I used to eat three boiled eggs for breakfast. OMG, too much cholesterol. So bad for you. This is the same guy who would go through an entire bag of Oreos for his late night snacks.

Anyway, while the lies about history and the latest news are easily propagated and difficult to see through, the falsehoods about health can be simply refuted by personal experience. Those who lost strong sons and lively daughters to a "vaccine" learned this the hard way.


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