The control group cannot exist
Face diaper theater

The evil of equality

One of the "counterarguments" against gay marriage was: how can you be against love!? Well, that perverted reasoning can also be applied to sexual relations between adults and kids.

Then, we got the transgender virus. Kids, who don't have the capacity to know any better, want to transition and to stand against that makes one [whatever]-phobic. Again, if a boy can decide to mutilate his genitals, then he can consent to use them in other ways.

Logically, kids can also decide, without parental consent, if they want to jab themselves:

Fury has erupted after ministers today confirmed plans to vaccinate all children over 12 across the UK from next week - with experts warning it may lead to unvaccinated pupils being 'bullied' and could even 'tear families apart'.

Parents, experts and teaching unions today warned of tension in schools after the UK signed off on plans to offer Covid jabs to healthy 12 to 15-year-olds — which will see children get the final say on whether they are vaccinated.

The age of consent was implicitly lowered with the transgender virus. This is merely putting an explicit number on it -- the age of 12:

Also note that this is an effective lowering of the age of consent to 12. After all, if you’re old enough to make important medical decisions for yourself, you’re old enough to make decisions about other activities concerning your body.

It's only a matter of time before new Britons of the halaal variety start crying discrimination! and how can you be against love! when they encounter resistance upon following the example of their prophet.

The Supreme Dark Lord:

Pedophilia is the end game of Equality. It always was.


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