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A jabtastic future

The Supreme Dark Lord:

At this point, anyone who dies immediately after being injected or dies of a Covid breakthrough infection without having had a booster will be counted among the unvaccinated ranks.

Yeah, those who believed in the SCIENCE! and showed off their tiny bandages will have to get on the jab train. Their retarded virtue signaling will kill them before covid does.

Quite appropriate:

Squeezing the not-rich

Yup. Here, in Canada, the average person pays a total tax rate above 40% without realizing it. Imagine, if there was only one big tax that people paid for their lovely government services. So, a guy making $50,000 would get his $20,000 tax bill at the end of the year. Liberals would get crushed in elections. That's why we have hundreds of tiny taxes to keep the anger from boiling over.

We've got grocery bills going up, oil has doubled in price, the real estate market is insane, and now, the government is adding more taxes. More interesting times.

Saving health and career

There have been far too many cases of heart problems with young people who took the jab. A healthy pro-athlete could lose out on tens of millions of dollars. It's not like they could change careers and become a brain surgeon to make up for it.

In quite a few cases, the sports players already had COVID. No science! in forcing them to take the jab.

More vaccine misery

The "vaccines" don't make one immune from COVID. However, the pharma companies who're raking in billions of dollars of profits are certainly immune from any penalties because of the detrimental side effects of their experimental "vaccines".

Refusing to see evil

The Black Book of Communism. A few stats from page 4:

U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths
China: 65 million deaths
Vietnam: 1 million deaths
North Korea: 2 million deaths
Cambodia: 2 million deaths
Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths
Latin America: 150,000 deaths
Africa: 1.7 million deaths
Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths

This isn't ancient history. That's from the previous century. One can literally interview millions who suffered through those wicked times and survived. Instead, the leftist globohomo media and "intellectuals" simply ignore the mountains of corpses.

Who is denying the science?

The Scandinavians have sense:

Here, in Ontario, the government implemented a covid passport on September 22.

Cars everywhere

I noticed that at my workplace many years ago. Quite a few colleagues would jump in their cars to get coffee from a shop that was within walking distance. It was doubly strange when they did that during lovely spring weather.

An average person would have to walk 12 hours to burn off one pound. It's easy to do that in one month. That's 12 pounds in a year. It's low-level calorie burn but it adds up to a substantial amount over time.

Feminism is a sad joke

It never was about equality:

The United States Women's National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) is calling the U.S. Soccer Federation's offer of identical contracts for its women's and men's national teams nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Isn't that curious. The pussies from the other side chime in:

[...] the USMNT union filed an amicus brief in full support of the USWNT's fight. The group argued the women don't deserve equal pay, but rather they deserve to be paid more than the men's team. Specifically, they argued for "at least triple the compensation provided for in the men’s agreement."

That made me laugh.

The prison returns to its roots

Absolutely insane. One of the most bizarre federal policies in Australia is a weekly restriction on the number of people who can leave via air. One can sort of understand limiting incoming travel but what twisted logic is there in not letting people exit to visit other countries?

Are you authorized?

Yup. The media doesn't report the news. They manufacture it: BLM (Burn Loot Murder) was mostly peaceful and 1/6 was totally worse than 9/11.

Easy to fool the sheep

Your health is irrelevant. What matter is that Big Pharma got billions in profits and the governments increased their power through intrusive surveillance.

Compassionate Zoolander

Canadians will re-elect this lovely fellow for a third term tomorrow:

The political elite

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York may play the role of the young, clear-eyed socialist. The humble “working-class” woman of color. The scourge of capitalists everywhere.

But when it comes to indulging in the trappings of the high life and generating wealth for both herself and her friends, she is as shameless and shrewd as the most unscrupulous oil baron.

She's not as dumb as she looks.

Ocasio-Cortez, who trades on a carefully crafted “working class” image, indulged herself this week in an exclusive party infamous for its extravagant displays of power and wealth. She attended wearing a “Tax the rich” designer dress borrowed from the upper-crust girlfriend of the billionaire Seagram heir. The congresswoman, whose admission was waived by the taxpayer-subsidized Met, also showed up to the event toting a customized $995 “Tax the rich” handbag, likewise provided by the Canadian-born designer.

At this rate, she'll be modeling "Tax the rich" decals on a custom pink Lamborghini soon.

That totalitarian instinct

The posters and stickers have nothing to do with any type of nationalism or LBGTBBQ. Still, I'm surprised that they didn't skip go and outright call them Nazis.

No Kiwis for Pakistan!

New Zealand have called off their limited-overs tour of Pakistan citing security concerns, leaving the cricket community in Pakistan unimpressed. PCB chairman Ramiz Raja was especially critical of the New Zealand Cricket decision, saying, "Walking out of the tour by taking a unilateral approach on a security threat is very frustrating. Especially when it is not shared! Which world is NZ living in? NZ will hear us at ICC."

"Which world is NZ living in?"

The real world, Ramiz. And it looks like New Zealand isn't alone:

"We're aware of New Zealand's decision to pull out of the Pakistan tour due to a security alert," an ECB spokesperson said. "We are liaising with our security team who are on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation. The ECB Board will then decide in the next 24-48 hours whether our planned tour should proceed."

Masks are for the little people

It's about power, not science:

They will claim that it is fine for rich Democratic donors at Pelosi's party to sit on top of one other maskless because they are eating even though the video shows they have no food in front of them (they are waiting for the masked servants of color to bring their food) and even though shoveling food into one's open mouth does not actually create a wall of immunity against transmission of the virus from one's open-mouthed table neighbors. The Met Gala's red carpet is said to be “outdoors” even though it is surrounded by tent walls and other structures, and still leaving the question of why workers need to be masked in the same area.

A few words from a downtrodden woman:

Broken heart

This kid doesn't weigh four hundred pounds. He was a healthy athlete. This fact shows just how dangerous the vaccines can be to young people.