Boosting those fat pharma profits
Creepy Joe


A homeless person who owns three properties:

Brandie LaCasse has been waiting on rent for nearly a year. She owns three properties in upstate New York, but the single mother and Air Force veteran is functionally homeless after falling on hard times herself.

After notifying tenants they had to move out so she could move in, the tenants stopped paying rent and stayed put, she said. She and her daughter have been living out of her car and staying with friends.

Brandie just learned about the compassionate nature of government:

"I don't understand how they can give my private property to somebody to live for free. I bought that property. I fixed it up with my blood, sweat and tears," she said.

Worse, if she has mortgages, then soon she'll lose the properties to the banks. She put her eggs in one basket: real estate. This shows how no investment is truly safe.


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