No rules for the political elite
That doesn't boost pharma profits

Not getting incentives

Benevolent socialists have often fixed the price of food because the evil farmers are gouging the average person. Then, everyone is shocked when the farmers simply stop growing crops because they can't get money for their labor. The same logic applies to renting:

There was an application process for renting an apartment in my area. One had to submit personal information for a credit check while also having an in-province job history of a minimum of five years. That was in 2004. It isn't just six months rent upfront. Landlords can use strict criteria to weed out potential troublemakers. For example:

  • age
  • race
  • job history
  • credit score
  • marital status

So, if you're a single guy in his early 20s working at a fast food joint who has saved a few thousand dollars for renting a new apartment, then you'll still be rejected because you're not safe enough for the landlords who've been drained by parasites.


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