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Two St. Louis City sheriff deputies were fired after working security for Congresswoman Cori Bush. Now, one of them is defending himself, saying his firing was unfair.

What a quintessential politician! Supports defunding the police while personally paying them tens of thousands of dollars for her own security!

The sheriff told News 4 Jackson and Thompson violated policy by not getting approval to work a secondary shift as security guards. He said the two were warned not to do it again but several weeks later, he said his office was called by the VA police in Jefferson Barracks who said the two men were again providing security for Bush.

The sheriff also said he was concerned because neither Jackson or Thompson have current individual private security licenses to work in the city. News 4 has verified this. Given the multiple violations, the sheriff said he fired the two deputies.

Can't argue with the following:

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has continued to criticize Bush for using private security at all.

"It’s the height of hypocrisy. It’s incredibly reckless for Representative Bush to have her own private security and tells everybody else to suck it up, as she seeks to defund the police," Schmitt said. "Meanwhile St. Louis had a 50-year high in murders last year as violent crime rages on. It’s just a complete disconnect with reality."


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