Old Man Austrian
The God-Emperor Returns?

Did you get your non-vax?

That's the problem: Most People Are Idiots.

I met a neighbor today. She's an old lady. She asked, "Did you get vaccinated?"


Pause. "Are you going to get vaccinated?"


"Oh. That's unfortunate."


"You know many employers are requiring that workers get vaccinated."


I didn't argue. Just went along with my day. She got her two jabs and still wears her mask. Soon, she'll be told to get her nth shot and she will. Her choice.

Oh, it only took a few months for Trudeau to flip:

After the majority of Canadians got their two jabs, he conveniently switches his position to openly discriminate against the unvaccinated. He bets that the petty majority will continue to support him.


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