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The highest score in a T20I from Pakistan: 232/6. That's quite the turnaround for a team that was all out for 141 in an ODI just eight days ago.

Azam has been getting a lot of undeserved flak for his strike rate recently. I think that he should play the anchor role while others take risks around him. Today, he hammered a 49-ball 85. The rest of the team went ballistic as well. Zaman scored one four and three sixes in only seven deliveries before he was caught off the eighth.

England will have to break their chasing record to win. Given all the competitive T20 games recently, the upcoming T20 World Cup should be extremely entertaining.

Livingstone scores the fastest century for his country but it's not enough. Pakistan wins by 31 runs. A commenter at Cricinfo:

Vinith: "You get whitewashed pathetically by a team where the captain doesn't know the name of any teammate but his own and next match score loads of runs and win by a significant margin against the full strength squad of the same team. I've given up on trying to understand Pakistan team"

Pakistan barely made it to the Champions Trophy in 2017 as the eighth-ranked team in the world. After losing the first match, the players were reshuffled which brought Zaman to the top. From then on, they cut through their opposition and won three matches to make it to the final. Looking at that scorecard, it's hard to believe that, statistically, they were the worst team going into the tournament. They are so predictably unpredictable. Just look at their performance on July 8 and today.


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