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The inclusion in DIE

In a little over six months, the Biden administration has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flow across America’s southern border. Many conservatives have suggested that this is nothing more than a cynical attempt to change America’s electorate by creating more Democrat voters.

A writer for the New York Times just seemed to confirm that this was the endgame all along.

The Democrats had massive fraud to steal the presidential election in 2020. If they can get sufficient numbers of boot-licking illegal aliens in Texas and Florida, then they won't have to worry about cheating to hold the executive seat. All that will do is accelerate the breakup of the US.

That privilege again

A ten year old Elizabethton, Tennessee girl was lured to a neighbors home by being invited to come play. Instead, she was tortured and held captive by two teenagers for five hours — while their mother allegedly filmed the violence.

The mother of at least one of the girls, said to be 35-year-old Theresa Delgado, is accused of filming the torture and posting it to social media. She has not been arrested.

What the mother of the poor girl wrote:

“They made Callie clean up her own blood afterwards, and taunt her about bleeding on them,” she continued.

Say the word nigger, put up a noose or pull off the garbage bag off a Muslim female and the media and the FBI is on the scene to fight Wite Soupemacy. Here, there's literal video evidence of a White girl getting tortured and the police waited four days to do anything.

The Elizabethton Police Department came under intense scrutiny over the incident due to the fact that they’d responded to the victim’s home on the day of the incident but didn’t enact any arrests until four days afterward on July 23rd.

Another useless degree

BA in D.I.E:

Bentley University has claimed the title of becoming the first school in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in diversity, equity and inclusion. This fall, students will have the option to pursue a four-year degree to prepare them for careers such as a diversity and inclusion specialist, human resources DEI expert or community organizer.

Whites and Asians will get increasingly excluded in the name of inclusion.


The American harpies were crushed by the blonde gals from Sweden.

"Yeah, we didn't score any goals against Sweden last night, but that was totally on purpose," said star player and beloved activist Megan Rapinoe. "This isn't the time to score goals—when America is still racist. We totally could have beaten Sweden but we decided as a team that no goals will be scored until complete equality has been achieved in America. Also, we demand a hefty raise."

So brave. So stunning. So fierce!

Diversity in NYC

Theft, assault, and possible murder:

A mom who was left with a critical brain injury after being dragged down stairs by a mugger at a Manhattan subway station may never wake up, her son has said.

Come for a better life in America. Get killed by a Negro. Then, watch the media tell you that the biggest threat is horrible White people.

Between January 2020 and May of this year, 10 people lost their lives to homicides while riding the New York City subway system, according to a new analysis from the New York Times. The average number of killings on the subways has been one to two annually since the late 1990s. New York has experienced five years' worth of homicides in little more than a year.

Send Livingstone!

England is 104/3 with just under 7 overs left and 52 runs needed and Moeen Ali is sent ahead of Liam Livingstone! What the hell are you saving your fastest centurion for?

Ali is out after scoring 1 run and Morgan walks in. England has made this a lot closer than it ought to be.

This is pure gold. Livingstone come in with 12 runs needed off 8 balls. Smashes a six and then out! Now, 6 runs in 6 balls. More comical than thrilling.

England win by 3 wickets in 19.4 overs. Roy must be shaking his head.


Again, Livingstone is so quick and fierce in hitting boundaries. He often hits the ball late. His reactions are lightning quick. That six straight down the ground was brutal.

England wins. The series decider is in two days. We should see two near-full strength sides go at it. Can't wait for the World Cup.

Are you not entertained?

That six by Babar at 1:45 was sublime.

Livingstone was absolutely ferocious. No hint of a smile after his blistering century. He knew he had to keep taking risks. It wasn't enough.

A full-strength England would be so dangerous: Roy, Buttler, Livingstone, and Stokes. I could easily see them scoring over 250.

Mountain of runs

The highest score in a T20I from Pakistan: 232/6. That's quite the turnaround for a team that was all out for 141 in an ODI just eight days ago.

Azam has been getting a lot of undeserved flak for his strike rate recently. I think that he should play the anchor role while others take risks around him. Today, he hammered a 49-ball 85. The rest of the team went ballistic as well. Zaman scored one four and three sixes in only seven deliveries before he was caught off the eighth.

England will have to break their chasing record to win. Given all the competitive T20 games recently, the upcoming T20 World Cup should be extremely entertaining.

Livingstone scores the fastest century for his country but it's not enough. Pakistan wins by 31 runs. A commenter at Cricinfo:

Vinith: "You get whitewashed pathetically by a team where the captain doesn't know the name of any teammate but his own and next match score loads of runs and win by a significant margin against the full strength squad of the same team. I've given up on trying to understand Pakistan team"

Pakistan barely made it to the Champions Trophy in 2017 as the eighth-ranked team in the world. After losing the first match, the players were reshuffled which brought Zaman to the top. From then on, they cut through their opposition and won three matches to make it to the final. Looking at that scorecard, it's hard to believe that, statistically, they were the worst team going into the tournament. They are so predictably unpredictable. Just look at their performance on July 8 and today.

That liberty loving Left

Isn't it strange how Adolf Trump was "voted" out of office and the current not-president tells corporations to censor certain stories while the mainstream media can't stop licking boots? Direct from the source:

Standards are for White people

In England, if you call a football player a nigger, then the police will put you in jail. Of course, the same country has zero hesitation in sending their team to play in stadiums which were  recently built by hundreds of thousands of slaves. Such is life in the current year.

Azam won't be denied

Five days ago: Babar Azam was out for 0. The entire team scored 141 runs all out. England viciously crushed them by nine wickets with 28 overs to spare.

Three days ago: Azam out for 19. Pakistan all out for 195 while chasing 247. 

Today: Azam scores the biggest hundred of his life: 158 glorious runs.

Ben Stokes out for 32. England need 150 runs in 23 overs with 5 wickets in hand. This is Pakistan's match to lose.

England need 62 runs in 10 overs with 5 wickets in hand. The Pakistani bowlers couldn't stop Vince and Gregory from smashing their highest ODI scores. Advantage: England.

England win by 3 wickets with 2 overs to spare. The World Champions have incredible depth. They lost so many key players just before the start of the series but kept playing their aggressive style of cricket and beat Pakistan in three increasingly impressive matches. Today, Azam's best wasn't enough! At least, we got one truly competitive match.

Math in Ontario

Students in Ontario will get Woke Math in grade 9:

Math, it continues, has been “used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges,” and explains that taking a “decolonial” and “anti-racist approach” to teaching math will outline its “historical roots and social constructions” to students.

“The Ontario Grade 9 mathematics curriculum emphasizes the need to recognize and challenge systems of power and privilege, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to eliminate systemic barriers and to serve students belonging to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and underserved in mathematics education,” the brief continues.

In other words: Fuck you, White people!

Teachers will be required to promote cross-curricular learning and human rights to create “anti-racist, anti-discriminatory learning environments.”

Of course. End result: More colored students in math classes who get anti-White propaganda instead of learning the core subject.

Fascist pig

Heidi Matthews clarifies her position on church burnings in Canada:

As Matthews explained to Campus Reform, “My tweet was meant to introduce into the discussion the well-worn political theory concept of the right to resist as an analytic frame that would help us think through the question of whether the destruction of some churches could be judged as justified, excused or necessary under conditions of extreme and systemic injustice and atrocity.”

“In other words, I did not state that burning churches is acceptable; I implied it might be,” she continued.

Can't wait for the time when White people start burning down mosques. I'm sure Harvard professors will be lining up to imply that it might be justified.

Deleting history

Like many nations, Canada’s wrestling with its less than tolerant past. But in removing statues, renaming schools, and now even the National Archives cancelling the country’s first leader, Canadians are playing a dangerous game.

Tearing down statues was just the beginning:

The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) site has a notice which reads:

Our current website contains information that was written many years ago. Unfortunately, it does not always reflect our diverse and multicultural country, often presenting only one side of Canada's history. LAC acknowledges that some of its online presence is offensive and continues to correct these issues.

This is why content that is redundant or outdated will be removed or rewritten. An "archived" notice will be placed on pages with older content that is still useful but will not be updated. In some cases, content may be removed from these pages.

History will be deleted because it's... offensive. In effect, everything before the current year should be discarded. Hello, Year Zero!