Burn Loot Murder pays well
Jogger confirmed

Modern commies

To close the racial gap in the U.S. there needs to be “wealth redistribution," not “income transfer,” said Ohio State economics professor Trevon Logan. [...]

“If we're having this discussion of wanting to close the racial wealth gap and we're not calling it reparations, there's a genuine opportunity that the Biden administration could enter into to begin a discussion of how closing the racial wealth gap would be reparations,” Logan said. “The current wealth gap is the net present value of the cumulative effects of dispossession, theft, discrimination, and economic racial oppression.”

What would be the present value of the half million White people who were slaughtered during the Civil War in the 1860s?

Anyway, there is no non-violent solution to this. All the oppressed joggers in America can be gifted a million dollars of assets each and in a matter of a few months, they'll be back to being poor. Racial differences in intelligence, will power, and diligence don't matter. The commies of the racial stripe will find a new way to blame White people and demand more $$$$. It's all so tiresome.


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