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The current year

My electricity used to be on a two-month billing cycle. The utility company changed it to a one-month schedule a few years ago. Now, my payments are approaching the same amount as they were before that change. In other words, electricity has doubled in price in a very short time. Add in the skyrocketing housing market, rent and the recent spike in food prices and real inflation is squeezing the average person. Of course, the government data shows a modest 1.314% inflation. So, it's cool.

The same holds true with crime statistics. If the police don't even bother recording the petty thefts, burglaries, and physical assaults, then did they really happen?

The poor are prey

The rich can afford their own security apparatus or they can easily move away. The rest will pay the price for such wicked policies.

Communism to Capitalism

Raw emotion in a supermarket. The part about the eggs was pitiful.

Communism has been glorified for a century but it can't even provide the one basic need that people have: sufficient food! Cakes and toys are out of reach for the average Cuban:

The guy has been in construction for two decades but the roof on his home leaks because he simply doesn't have the materials to fix it.

A few sacrifices

Advice on housing for younger generations:

After Core Development Group announced plans to buy a billion dollars worth of Canadian homes and convert them into rental units, financial advisers are telling millennials in the housing market to stop wasting their money on life’s little pleasures and start forming their own ghoulish conglomerates.

We get a few precious options:

“I don’t want to imply that spearheading a sleazy corporate land grab is the only path to homeownership,” Knapp said. “Prospective buyers could also win the lottery, discover buried pirate treasure, or poison a homeowner in the family. And stop eating avocado toast, of course.”

At press time, housing prices were up another 21%.

Today, they're up another 18%.

Okay, seriously:

Canadians are piling on debt to purchase property at the fastest pace in more than a decade amid a pandemic-driven housing boom.

In early 2020, I would have bet that housing prices would have decreased in Canada. So, the following is definitely shocking:

The average sale price for a home in Canada has surged 38% to C$688,208 over the past year, according to data from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Plus, oil is up 50%. It has been a horrendous eighteen months for the average person.

And you'll be happy!

Large parts of Canada are worse. The average detached house in the Greater Toronto Area costs over $1 million. Even an annual $56,000 income -- that's double minimum wage -- is utterly insufficient in such a rigged market.

No manna from minimum wage

On Thursday the Harvard Business Review published an article under the headline, “Research: When a Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Lower Compensation.”

It's new research from data in California and Texas:

“For every $1 increase in the minimum wage, we found that the total number of workers scheduled to work each week increased by 27.7%, while the average number of hours each worker worked per week decreased [sic] by 20.8%,” the researchers wrote. “For an average store in California, these changes translated into four extra workers per week and five fewer hours per worker per week — which meant that the total wage compensation of an average minimum wage worker in a California store actually fell by 13.6%.”

Since the businesses are forced to pay more for each hour of labor, they make up for it by cutting benefits:

“We found that for every $1 increase in minimum wage, the percentage of workers working more than 20 hours per week (making them eligible for retirement benefits) decreased by 23.0%,” the researchers said.

I've seen this a lot in Ontario as well where many stores would rather hire 2-3 part-time workers instead of one full-time employee. This often means that such workers now have to juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet.

This meme seems appropriate:

Don't negotiate with Hans

One of the two great movies directed by John McTiernan:

His second magnificent film is, of course, about an expert hunter.

Modern commies

To close the racial gap in the U.S. there needs to be “wealth redistribution," not “income transfer,” said Ohio State economics professor Trevon Logan. [...]

“If we're having this discussion of wanting to close the racial wealth gap and we're not calling it reparations, there's a genuine opportunity that the Biden administration could enter into to begin a discussion of how closing the racial wealth gap would be reparations,” Logan said. “The current wealth gap is the net present value of the cumulative effects of dispossession, theft, discrimination, and economic racial oppression.”

What would be the present value of the half million White people who were slaughtered during the Civil War in the 1860s?

Anyway, there is no non-violent solution to this. All the oppressed joggers in America can be gifted a million dollars of assets each and in a matter of a few months, they'll be back to being poor. Racial differences in intelligence, will power, and diligence don't matter. The commies of the racial stripe will find a new way to blame White people and demand more $$$$. It's all so tiresome.

Burn Loot Murder pays well

Just your average millionaire Marxist:

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has reportedly put up a fence and electric gate around her $1.4 million home in Los Angeles.

All she's missing is armed guards.

"It will have an electronic gate at the driveway portion, a walk up door, and call box, and other safety measures, cameras - you know, to keep the riff raff out," the neighbor added.

The hidden tax

A very perverse incentive:

If you saved money over the last year, responsibly planning for the future or building up a rainy-day fund, it’s now eroded in real value because the same amount of money buys you less than before. But if you had simply binged your entire paycheck after receiving it, you wouldn’t have lost as much of your real resources. And if you finance your spending binge by running up credit card debt then receive an inflation-fueled pay bump, that debt is easier for you to finance.

Utter humiliation

Quetta Gladiators: 133 all out in 20 overs.

Islamabad United: 137/0 in 10 overs.

It's quite stunning to see such all-out annihilation when professionals are playing.

No 100-plus partnership in all of PSL history has ever seen a higher run rate than Khawaja and Munro's 13.70, and it wasn't even mindless slogging. Repeatedly, the two used field placement, perfect timing, and sharp footwork to remain one step ahead of the hapless Gladiators, and when Munro reverse-swept Mohammad Nawaz for six over third man in the tenth over, putting Sarfaraz's side out of their misery seemed like an act of mercy.


Housing has been getting quite expensive but what really takes the cake is university tuition. There was a time when diligent students could work in the summer to pay their tuition for the next year. Thus, they would have zero student loans to pay back when they graduated. Now, after university, there's a mountain of debt with stagnant wages and high rents. Add to that the mounting public debt and the ugly conclusion is: Millennials and Generation Zyklon have been robbed.

Tax the, er, billionaires!

Nicole Sanchez, who goes by the username “Neekolul,” is known for her “OK Boomer” TikTok video in which she dances and lip syncs wearing a cropped t-shirt from the Sanders campaign. Sanchez later recorded herself performing a similar dance in a “TAX THE RICH” sweater sold by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign.

In her new video, Sanchez provides an in-depth tour of her new apartment, which she says costs $2,000,000.

The mental gymnastics is exquisite:

“All I’m doing is standing by the beliefs I started off with, and I’m here. Whether I’m making this money or not, I just feel like it’s not something to be rude about. Because there’s nothing to be rude about,” Sanchez said. “I think when people mean like, ‘Tax the rich,’ I think at the end of the day they do mean, like, billionaires and people who have insane, unfathomable amounts of wealth.”

It's funny how a literal multi-millionaire is not counted among THE RICH in her mind. At least, we got entertaining comments in her video tour of her humble apartment.

Anyway, why would anyone burn two million dollars on an apartment? She could have bought a decent chunk of land and built herself a mini-mansion for that money. Plus, she could have had chickens, goats, dogs, etc. What a waste.

Wakanda ain't real

At this point, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that Blacks built modern Japan.

Colored hair is problematic

The London, Ont., principal removed from his job for wearing a Black student's hair as part of a Halloween costume has issued an apology, saying his behaviour was unacceptable and showed "a great lack of judgment."

The vanilla apology follows:

In his statement, Chartrand also said: "I strongly regret and am ashamed of what I have done. I realize that I could have and should have celebrated this student's accomplishments and success in a different manner. I want to offer my most sincere apologies to the student and to his family, to all Black students and parents of the school, to the entire school community and also to the entire BIPOC community."

3/10. This is quite curious:

Images of Chartrand wearing the hair were widely viewed when the event first happened in 2019, students said. A letter sent to administrators demanding changes at the school was ignored, Kayabaga said. "The students had to resort to social media to address an issue that happened two years ago," she said.

"Last year, they submitted a letter and no action was taken. I'm very concerned about the students who go to that school and the safety of those students."

Of course. Dozens of colored students have perished because of this one clownish principal. Finally, those who are left can live in peace.

Joggers Gone Wild

An Uber driver died two days after being shot in the head during a carjacking outside of Chicago.

Security footage obtained by the local station shows the four suspects, wearing hoods over their heads, approach his four-door Ford car. One of them got in the back seat and shot the father of three in the head, the station said. [...]

“The victim has no criminal history. He’s a hardworking young man that was out trying to make a dollar,’ said Cicero Police Chief Jerry Chlada, according to the Fox affiliate. One juvenile suspect is reportedly in custody.

Strange that zero details are given about the arrested suspect and his accomplices. It couldn't be that they are all Black between the ages of 13 and 30? 

Bend over, Ollie

Ollie Robinson has "unreservedly apologised" after admitting posting "racist and sexist" comments on Twitter while a teenager. The tweets, sent between April 2012 and June 2013, included use of the 'N' word, comments suggesting Muslim people were linked with terrorism, and derogatory comments about women and people of Asian heritage.

Grovel Mode Activate!

"I want to make it clear that I'm not racist and I'm not sexist.

"I deeply regret my actions, and I am ashamed of making such remarks. I would like to unreservedly apologise to anyone I have offended, my teammates and the game as a whole in what has been a day of action and awareness in combatting discrimination from our sport."

That just won't do. Robinson must donate all his present and future earnings to BLM, Hamas, and colored people who identify as women.

It never ends

Gimme, gimme, gimme MOAR!

Americans should have sent all their ex-slaves back to their continent right after the Civil War. Then, those Blacks could have built Africa into a bright, shining Wakanda!