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The DIE Rises

Vox Day:

I thought Diversity was just ridiculous back when I first heard it being bandied about my 99-percent white university campus in the late 1980s. Now it appears to be the most aggressively dyscivilizational concept since feminism.

Yup. Right from the start, it's a hideous way of judging any group: do you have "sufficient" numbers of vaginas, negroes, and [insert other irrelevant retarded identifiers] in your organization?

What's peculiar is that this progressive standard almost always applies to Whites, Christians, Europeans, and men. It's an attack on Western Civilization but cloaked in progressive virtue-signaling and dumb and mal-educated White people fall for it: Look at me, I support vaginas, negroes and [insert other irrelevant retarded identifiers]! I'm not like those uncouth White people!


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