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The Insufficient Vaginas Problem strikes again!

Toronto Star: 87% of Wikipedia's editors are men. It lacks diversity: experts.

The reality:

The next Toronto Star article: 98% of garbage collectors are men. It lacks diversity: experts. Damn the White Supremacist patriarchy!

An impressive fight

The highest percentage of a team's total in Pakistan history:

Zaman's 155-ball 193 was heroic, a one-man show in the truest sense of the word because no other Pakistani managed more than 31 in a chase of 342. It is the highest score in a chase in ODI cricket history, and the second highest ever in a losing cause. Zaman also surpassed Herchelle Gibbs' 175 to record the highest individual score at this venue.

After Azam and Rizwan were gone, I thought that they would lose by a 100+ runs. Zaman proved me wrong. Somehow, he dragged his team all the way to the last over with a very tiny possibility of a win. He definitely deserved the Man of the Match award.

Those damn teenagers

A 15-year-old boy was arrested Friday in connection with an assault against an Asian couple in Washington state that was caught on video and shared widely on social media this week.

No mention of the race of the suspect in the first paragraph. So, Black male.

The attack was reported to Tacoma police at the time, police spokesperson Wendy Haddow told NBC News in an email.

"At that time the only suspect information was two black males aged 13 to 17 years," she said. "There was no known video at that time."

The media is so lame and predictable.

Not having the slightest clue

CTV News:

Video shows the driver of the crashed car emerging with a knife in his hand and starting to run at the pair of officers, Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters. Authorities shot the suspect, who died at a hospital.

Zero mention of his race. Conclusion: Black dude. Confirmed:

Almost choked!

Pakistan were 186/1 in 31.4 overs while chasing 274. They somehow managed to take the match to the very end even when they only needed three off the last over. Luck is rarely on South Africa's side.

Azam keeps going:

76 Innings required by Babar Azam to score his 13th century in ODIs, the fastest to this feat in men's cricket.

Babar's 103 is also the highest individual score by a Pakistan captain in a successful ODI chase.