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No justice in woke world

By the power of Jab!

Vox Day:

I have to admit, my sympathy for anyone experiencing unexpected adverse effects from the not-vaccine is pretty close to nonexistent. These aren't infants being inoculated against their will and without their knowledge or ability to resist, after all. They are adults who one would quite reasonably expect to know better than to permit themselves to be injected with untested experimental substances on the word of people with literally billions of dollars to gain from selling the injections.

Oh just wait as new variants appear and people start lining up to get injected with new not-vaccines on a regular basis. The adverse effects will skyrocket and the companies making billions of dollars are not liable!

Nightmare scenario: Terrorists develop a virus that violently attacks those who got the not-vaccines. Millions of lives lost and trillions of dollars in economic damage. There's a bright side, at least: the real estate market will definitely cool down.


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