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And then they came for Scrabble

Nothing is safe from the SJWs:

Expert Scrabble players have blasted the game's owner as 'virtue signalling' and 'woke' after it banned 400 derogatory terms as playable moves.

Racial slurs including the 'n-word', insults against the elderly and homophobic terms were removed from Scrabble's official online words list following worldwide anti-racism protests in the wake of the death of American George Floyd.

Scrabble's owner Mattel said it made the change to make it more relevant culturally following global unrest last year.

The best part?

Mattel has not released an official list of what words are banned - but countless term are no longer acceptable on Scrabble's online dictionary.

Wicked. Vox Day gets it:

The objective is to be able to administer the rules on a subjective basis, thereby granting the converged authority more power and flexibility while allowing them to avoid ever being held accountable to an objective standard.

Imagine a White player against a Black woman and he makes this word: APE. How uncouth. On his next move, he makes: SNIGGER. Bonus! Oh, and he connects the R with APE.

Time to destroy the VERY BAD White man!

That's how it will go down. We'll get different standards for different peoples. The words APE, RAPE, and SNIGGER are likely not on the banned list but they'll magically become offensive when the opponent is colored.


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