Nothing to see here
Don't even mention diab*tes

Winter is here

America is going to get a mild taste of this vicious polar vortex:

A prominent lobe of the polar vortex settled over western Canada on Sunday and created the coldest Canadian temperatures in years and in some cases, record-breaking cold that was reported by a handful of weather stations.

In an area larger than France and Germany combined, the population of Northwest Territories is under 50,000. Here's why:

On Sunday, Wekweèti, N.W.T. recorded -51.9°C, which is Canada's coldest temperature since March 2017.

The wind chill makes it so much worse:

Wicked wind chill values left an icy, dangerous chill across northern Canada in recent days and the coldest of 2021 is currently a staggeringly low -66 that was recorded at Ennadai Lake, Nunavut on February 6th.

The absolute worst wind chill I've felt is -42 degrees Celsius. At the time, I was surprised with my knowledge of numerous swear words across multiple languages.


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