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This cultural enrichment goes to 11

Money can't buy sense

Executives who engage in so-called "vaccine tourism" show both an ethical disregard for those less fortunate and a surprising lack of business acumen, experts argue.

Their comments came after the head of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Mark Machin, stepped down after admitting to travelling to Dubai to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

"The reputational damage — the lasting scar of you being caught, outed and tarred and feathered in the public square over your decision to engage in vaccine tourism — will linger," said Wojtek Dabrowski, managing partner of Provident Communications.

What's strange is that the ultra-wealthy have plenty of options to keep themselves safe without the vaccine. They don't have to go out every week for grocery shopping. They don't have to take the local bus or train to get to work dozens of times in a month. They don't have to take international flights and even if they do, the planes are largely empty!

It's amusing that these same people would profusely praise the socialist health care system in Canada but they promptly avoid the long lines to get their medicine somewhere else. They're showing what they are: ignorant, disdainful, hypocritical, and totally out of touch.


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