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India's greatest series?

Stunning recovery

What a difference one month makes:

[...] absolute total failure on the third day. 36 all out! Their lowest total in history. For the first time, in over a hundred years of cricket, nobody reached double figures in a team innings. The Aussie bowlers aren't that good. Even, they're shocked by what happened. Matches between the best two teams in the world don't end in this horrifying manner. [...] Let's see if the team can recover to challenge the ruthless Aussies in the next few weeks.

Oh, they definitely did. India shockingly won the second Test and then fought hard to draw the third. Soon, the final day of the final Test will begin. A month ago, who would have thought that India would have a chance of winning the series? They likely won't as their main concern will be to play it safe and protect their wickets. Not losing three consecutive Test matches against Australia in Australia is victory enough.

The Indians certainly won't mind a few clouds. I would prefer zero rain with two of the best sides fighting it out with all results possible.

Update: The Indians did it! Exactly one month after their lowest total in history, they come back to win the series. Absolutely unbelievable!

Cricinfo: Magnificent India take epic series in last hour of last day of last Test.



Yup this is the most stunning reversal in a test series which India played, piping even the famous 2001 series vs Aus.

Isaac Schrödinger

It's astonishing that they managed to win two Tests with so many injuries. After the first Test, the Aussie bowlers never really displayed the same venom. The Indians were out for 36 then. Today, the Aussies likely couldn't even get them out for 360.

The 2001 series will always be remembered for Laxman's masterpiece. This series will be remembered for how the new Indian players showed great mental strength and fought hard for a month to deliver Australia one of their most shocking series defeats.

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