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How dare they make money!

The hedge funds cry out in pain as they short you:

WallStreetBets has been banned from Reddit and Discord after conspiring to make money on the stock market, even though they are unworthy of such riches. Shortly after they were banned for "hateful and discriminatory content," the online dictionary Merriam-Webster quickly changed the official definition of "white supremacist" to "anyone who makes a lot of money in the stock market when they’re not supposed to."

Know your place, peasants!

No skin in the game

Average guys lose thousands of dollars in the stock market everyday. They take tremendous risk with their own money. Nobody bails them out when they often fail. Here, we have money pooled from millionaires and billionaires and when it evaporates there's talk of bailing them out!

Absolute fucking vultures! They take all the sweet gains and when huge losses arise, they pass the bill to the American taxpayer. No wonder there's such tremendous hatred for these craven parasites.

It is what they do

Trump wasn't kidding when he called the MSM the Enemy of the People.

A Quick Test

I looked at the 220 all out score and thought, "Weren't the T20s after the Test matches?"

14 wickets on the first day! The Pakistani bowling was excellent. Unfortunately, their batsmen failed as usual. Babar Azam will have a lot of work to do in his second innings.

Update: I was too pessimistic. The top order did fail but the middle rescued the match on Day 2. Fawad Alam showcased his experience and talent once again:

Fawad began to use his feet to the spinners more and more frequently, hitting over the top to push the field back. And in a moment that is only likely to grow both Fawad's legacy and his cult, he would get to his first hundred at his beloved home ground with a dance down the crease to Maharaj, depositing him over cow corner for a six.

What a magnificent bastard!

The South Africans are tired and the Pakistani bowlers are rested and ready to go on Day 3. They'll have to score significantly more than their first innings to have a shot at winning.

How not to get vaccinated

If true, then Rodney Baker is officially the dumbest rich guy in Canada:

A Canadian casino mogul and his actress wife were accused of posing as motel workers in order to receive COVID-19 vaccines meant for Indigenous residents of a remote Yukon community.

Rodney Baker, 55, and his 32-year-old wife, Ekaterina Baker, allegedly chartered a private plane to Beaver Creek on Jan. 21 to get doses of the Moderna shot, the CBC reported.

There is unfortunately no cure for stupid:

The wealthy couple allegedly lied to workers at the clinic about where they lived and worked, according to the Yukon News.

But the pair raised suspicions when they asked for a ride to the airport after receiving their shots, Streicker said.

This multimillionaire didn't have the resources to simply buy a couple of vaccine shots in the area where he lives?

Marked for death

Pakistan has ordered a U.S.-based website propagating the faith of Pakistan's minority Ahmadis shut down over allegedly blasphemous content, one of the site's managers said Thursday. [...]

Zafar, who lives in Portland, Oregon but has relatives in Pakistan, said in an email to The Associated Press that he and Khan were also threatened with a $3.1 million fine and warned of charges under Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law, which can carry the death penalty for insulting Islam.

For Muslims, the laws of Islam are valid everywhere. It's perfectly legal and moral to kill blasphemers in Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, ..., Italy, England, the United States, etc. For Muslims, the nation-state boundaries are meaningless.

The Pakistani government isn't stupid enough to directly go after these Ahmadis but it's diabolical enough to bring global attention towards them. Deranged individual assassins are treated like brave, inspirational heroes when they murder alleged blasphemers in Islamic countries. There is bound to be one who'll do the "good" deed in America.

Mass immigration is warfare in slow-motion

It is Denmark’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Mattias Tesfaye who now openly points out Islam and immigration from the Middle East as a problem.

In an interview with Jyllands-Posten, he says that “a large part of Islam today is represented by extremists”.

No, the "extremists" aren't the problem. The religion and the cultures are the issue. The Danes will learn this the painful way as Muslims among them use democracy against itself by simply voting for anti-Western laws. The Danes will then understand that the average, normal Muslim is the problem.

Learn to code version 2.0

More immigration combined with an increase in the minimum wage is going to push a lot of jobs to the underground economy. Low-skilled workers in America are really going to feel the pain in the next few years. Most of them voted for these policies.

It's a Biden Miracle!

Four years of nirvana for America:

"This is really, uh, quite something," said CNN anchor John King as the infamous COVID death counter rapidly ticked downward behind him. "Only a few days into the Biden presidency, and total deaths are already decreasing! We're not sure if it's Biden's brilliant mask mandate or his flawless vaccine delivery execution, but people across the country seem to be rising from their graves at a rapid pace-- over 200,000 just yesterday."

Of course, anyone who disputes this awesome news on social media will be banned.

India's greatest series?

Ravi Shastri, the coach of the Indian cricket team, speaks:

"This is the toughest tour ever. Playing it in Covid times, [going through] quarantine times and with the multiple injuries, nothing comes close to this," he said. "I got emotional. I am not someone who generally has tears in his eyes, but this is unreal. What these guys have pulled off will go down in history as one of the greatest series ever played. When you look at the Covid situation and state of injuries and then to show the stomach for a fight after being bowled out for 36 is unimaginable."

What makes the win truly shocking:

Shastri was effusive in his praise for Rahane, especially in handling the inexperienced bowling attack. "We were left with no choices," he said of the attack - between them, the bowling group had a combined experience of four Tests, with two of them, Washington Sundar and T Natarajan, debuting.

Sambit Bal provides a few more stunning stats:

Barely 11 fit men to put on the park, with six of their first-choice bowlers, two of whom had made match-defining contributions with the bat, lost to injury (one more would be incapacitated in the first innings of the match) and two middle-order batsmen, in addition to their captain, gone too. The number of wickets taken by the bowlers of the two teams read 1033 to 13, going into the game.

And their captain loses the toss, his third in a row, at a ground where no opposition team has ever mounted a successful chase of over 200. And Australia's bowling attack is one of their best ever.

Stunning recovery

What a difference one month makes:

[...] absolute total failure on the third day. 36 all out! Their lowest total in history. For the first time, in over a hundred years of cricket, nobody reached double figures in a team innings. The Aussie bowlers aren't that good. Even, they're shocked by what happened. Matches between the best two teams in the world don't end in this horrifying manner. [...] Let's see if the team can recover to challenge the ruthless Aussies in the next few weeks.

Oh, they definitely did. India shockingly won the second Test and then fought hard to draw the third. Soon, the final day of the final Test will begin. A month ago, who would have thought that India would have a chance of winning the series? They likely won't as their main concern will be to play it safe and protect their wickets. Not losing three consecutive Test matches against Australia in Australia is victory enough.

The Indians certainly won't mind a few clouds. I would prefer zero rain with two of the best sides fighting it out with all results possible.

Update: The Indians did it! Exactly one month after their lowest total in history, they come back to win the series. Absolutely unbelievable!

Cricinfo: Magnificent India take epic series in last hour of last day of last Test.

No Soup for Jew!

Doing the job that locals won't do:

French police have arrested an Algerian man they say declined to serve Jewish-owned businesses because of antisemitic discrimination while working as a food courier in Strasbourg.

The man, Dhia Edine D., is an illegal immigrant, the French lawmaker Meyer Habib wrote Wednesday on Twitter. Earlier this week, Edine D. allegedly told staff from two kosher restaurants that he does “not serve Jews” and thus is canceling their order with Deliveroo, the online delivery service for which he was working.

Illegal immigrant. Doesn't pay taxes. No service for Jews. If the police was serious, then they would throw the book at him for all the laws he has broken.

A harsh lesson

ABC News:

French anti-terrorism police on Tuesday detained seven people suspected of having communicated via social media with the killer of a schoolteacher whose beheading last year reopened debate about France's cherished rights of expression, a judicial official said.

Those are just the most recent arrests as we get this info at the end:

A total of 14 people were already being formally investigated and face preliminary terrorism- and murder-related charges in the investigation. Of those, seven have not been granted bail.

One Frenchman murdered. Fourteen face charges in France. Hundreds of millions from all over the world cheer for them. Sooner or later, the West will learn that the best policy is to stop importing these people.

The teachers in Germany are also learning the same lesson:

A teacher at a Berlin primary school was shocked by an 11-year-old Muslim student who threatened to behead her. The student has previously stated that the act of a Chechen Islamist who killed a French teacher was justified.

The incident took place at Christian Morgenstern Elementary School in the Spandau district of Berlin. The teacher explained to the students that the parents should come to a parent-teacher meeting.

The best part? The response by the mother:

“The mother of the boy told me on the phone that school is responsible if her son says something like that,” Jehniche said.

Fake concern

The Left will make up reasons to ban and destroy those who threaten their interests.

White Privilege strikes again!

A small taste of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality (DIE):

A female student at the University of Dallas has recently come forward with her story after being rejected from a summer internship opportunity due to being white.

It's not even what he said or she said. It's in the literal email:

“Thank you for your interest in SEO Career! Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the program. SEO Career targets Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergraduates, who are underrepresented in the careers they seek,” reads the rejection statement the student received.

Christmas tree on fire

The halaal diversity is doing its "mostly peaceful" thing in Austria:

The rioting took place at Reumannplatz in the heavily-migrant populated Favoriten district of the Austrian capital and saw a Christmas tree set on fire by members of a group of around 40 rioters along with various shops in the area having their windows smashed.

Police president Gerhard Pürstl said Friday that the government would be meeting to discuss the incident on Tuesday but did not announce any details about the meeting, Austrian broadcaster ORF reports.

Following the riots, several people were arrested, including a 21-year-old Syrian migrant who was taken into custody on the night of the incident. The Syrian is said to have attempted to break into a jewellery shop while using a trash can as a makeshift battering ram.

Deportation is the only logical answer. So, that won't happen.

As is tradition

The dangerous, evil, all-powerful, fascist, Nazi dictator Donald Trump has been voted out of office and censored, as is tradition for evil dictators.

“I never thought I’d live to see the day where America is ruled by a dictator!” said concerned American Kelly Lampler. “But at least now he’s a dictator that has been effortlessly silenced online!”

“We are living through scary times indeed under the rule of this fascistic tyrant,” said worried CNN reporter Zeeke Chambers at a time when zero journalists or dissenters have been silenced, jailed, or executed by this administration.

Plus, his daughter married a Jew! What could be more Hitler than that?

Control your mind

If your children are well-behaved, do they stand a greater chance of having healthy, happy lives as adults?

A new study says yes.

After tracking just over 1,000 New Zealanders from birth to the age of 45, investigators found that kids who were goal-oriented and better able to restrain their thoughts, behavior and emotions turned out to have healthier bodies and brains by the time they hit middle age.

Makes sense.

"So many behaviors that contribute to poor health are the result of a relative inability to delay gratification," said Maddux, meaning the inability to forgo smaller, short-term rewards in favor of more substantial long-term rewards.

Examples of short-term indulgences, he noted, could include smoking, binge drinking, overeating, unsafe sex and going to parties in the midst of a pandemic.

Lung cancer, drunk driving, diabetes, STDs, COVID-19 -- such calamities can be mostly avoided with a large dose of willpower.

Just look at the biggest issue: food. Almost 75% of Americans are overweight or obese. Instead of getting proper nutrition, these people are basically poisoning themselves with junk food. Unless they drastically change their habits, they won't even make it to old age.

Rules are for the little people III

The scum rises to the top:

Conservative Sen. Don Plett — who sparked controversy by travelling to Mexico on vacation over the holidays — co-signed a directive last year barring all MPs and senators from travelling outside Canada as part of interparliamentary delegations. The directive, initially signed in March and renewed repeatedly, is still in effect. It is expected to be renewed again before it expires on Feb. 5.

It took this retarded politician a few days to realize that this was a bad idea:

"Senator Plett travelled to Mexico on December 28th, upon arrival he reflected on his decision to travel and immediately made arrangements to return home on December 31st," Plett's spokesperson Karine Leroux said on Monday.

"This was his sole trip outside Canada since March 2020."

So far, there have been zero consequences for this asshole.

Rules are for the little people II

Tom Stewart didn't even care about the optics:

The CEO of Ontario's St. Joseph's Health System and Niagara Health vacationed in the Caribbean over the holidays despite government advisories to stay at home as the number of COVID-19 cases soared across the province.

Dr. Tom Stewart, who sat on a number of health advisory boards, including a COVID-19 panel that advises Premier Doug Ford, resigned from those panels Tuesday after news of his trip to the Dominican Republic was made public.

Thanks to his advice, gyms and many restaurants are closed across Ontario in the middle of the harsh winter while this guy vacations on the beach abroad. It's not that hard to postpone a trip. He thought that he could get away with it. Good on the people who exposed this mediocrity.

Oh, he also got fired from his CEO position:

The St. Joseph’s Health System has begun the search for a new president and CEO after parting ways with Dr. Thomas Stewart following a trip he took to the Caribbean over the holidays amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a short statement, the agency’s board of directors thanked Stewart for his service and said they will be announcing a new Interim CEO and President “shortly.”


How dare you offend whales!

A fitness magazine gets introduced to the Clown World:

On Sunday, Women’s Fitness Magazine tweeted: “Are you getting out for a run, walk or cycle today? It’s a great day to burn off those Christmas calories… post your pics here!”

However, the attempt at calling on people to share their exercise routines backfired, and people quickly started criticising the publication for its tweet.

The magazine folded:

Others accused the publication of using “damaging" language and urged it to delete the tweet.

The magazine has now issued an apology, explaining that its intention was simply to encourage people to work out over the festive period.

Doesn't fit the Narrative

Those Whites who haven't been paying attention should learn from this:

A true inspiwation

Only sincere chuckles:

"My parents were pushing me in a stroller," she says, cackling -- no, chuckling -- "and I must have gotten loose somehow." (At the time, there weren't any safety regulations on strollers, so this is not her parents' fault, just to be clear). "Anyway, I wandered away down to the Deep South and began helping slaves get to the free states. When my parents found me years later, they were understandably upset. They said, 'Kamala! What are you doing!?'"

She chuckled again.

"I replied, 'I'm hewping swaves escape on da undewground wailwoad, mommy!'" Harris then revealed that one of the slaves she helped escape grew up to be none other than Albert Einstein.

Rules are for the little people

The average person is told to limit travel in their own town and city while these assholes routinely cross state lines and national boundaries. No wonder the COVID numbers are exploding in the US and Canada over the past few weeks. 

Stronger people are harder to kill


Earlier on, we thought that the death rate would be over 1%. It's closer to 0.3%. So, the overwhelming majority of people suffer for a short period and then recover. I bet that those who do heavy barbell squats, like Reynolds, have a significantly lower mortality rate than the average. That's one big reason why older people die at such a high rate with COVID. They're already extremely weak -- they have lower muscle mass.

That Rippetoe guy was on to something.