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A harsh lesson

ABC News:

French anti-terrorism police on Tuesday detained seven people suspected of having communicated via social media with the killer of a schoolteacher whose beheading last year reopened debate about France's cherished rights of expression, a judicial official said.

Those are just the most recent arrests as we get this info at the end:

A total of 14 people were already being formally investigated and face preliminary terrorism- and murder-related charges in the investigation. Of those, seven have not been granted bail.

One Frenchman murdered. Fourteen face charges in France. Hundreds of millions from all over the world cheer for them. Sooner or later, the West will learn that the best policy is to stop importing these people.

The teachers in Germany are also learning the same lesson:

A teacher at a Berlin primary school was shocked by an 11-year-old Muslim student who threatened to behead her. The student has previously stated that the act of a Chechen Islamist who killed a French teacher was justified.

The incident took place at Christian Morgenstern Elementary School in the Spandau district of Berlin. The teacher explained to the students that the parents should come to a parent-teacher meeting.

The best part? The response by the mother:

“The mother of the boy told me on the phone that school is responsible if her son says something like that,” Jehniche said.


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