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She had a tough life!

Her brain-dead socialism talk resonates with her audience. She pontificates about the climate and being prudent with energy use. For instance, more people ought to use trains for travel. Of course, she is exempt from her own standards as she regularly flies to Washington. She's just another two-faced, basic bitch politician who totally loves and fights for the poor.

Because the government cares

The following smoking ban is being discussed in San Francisco:

City officials in San Francisco have banned all tobacco smoking inside apartments, citing concerns about secondhand smoke. But lighting up a joint inside? That’s still allowed. [...]

“Unlike tobacco smokers who could still leave their apartments to step out to the curb or smoke in other permitted outdoor smoking areas, cannabis users would have no such legal alternatives,” said Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who wrote the amendment to exempt cannabis.

The government creates multiple problems over time. So, soon, we'll have these scenarios:

(A) Smoking cannabis in the public. ILLEGAL.

(B) Smoking tobacco outside in certain areas. LEGAL.

(C) Smoking cannabis in your own apartment. LEGAL.

(D) Smoking tobacco in your own apartment. ILLEGAL.

It'll be amusing to see how the authorities tell the difference between scenarios (C) and (D). Those who smoke cigarettes will likely get a few backup joints to light up when there's a knock on the door.

Walter E. Williams

I found out about Walter E. Williams in the late 90s. He was an economics professor and a columnist. I spent many hours online reading his bold, logical, and uncompromising prose in those summers in Saudi Arabia. One could instantly see that he was an excellent teacher. His work will inspire many more for years to come.

Thomas Sowell writes about his friend:

Walter once said he hoped that, on the day he died, he would have taught a class that day. And that is just the way it was, when he died on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

He was my best friend for half a century. There was no one I trusted more or whose integrity I respected more. Since he was younger than me, I chose him to be my literary executor, to take control of my books after I was gone.

This didn't surprise me:

Holding a black belt in karate, Walter was a tough customer. One night three men jumped him -- and two of those men ended up in a hospital.

Banksters are happy

One can always trust the government to make the situation worse:

Ottawa is introducing a pair of measures, as part of its economic fiscal update, to help Canadians get a foot into the housing market. The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is a shared-equity mortgage to reduce payments, with the Government of Canada taking on 5-10 per cent of the loan on a new home and 5 per cent on a resale home or mobile home. It’s being expanded for the high-priced Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria markets.

This guarantees a further spike in prices since sellers are fully aware that the generous government will gladly pay them 10% of the price.

“In general, these ‘affordability’ measures just stimulate demand and bump prices further,” BMO senior economist Robert Kavcic told Yahoo Finance Canada.

The banks won't mind as they dole out fatter mortgages.

Fuck you, White men!

Nasdaq is going to push Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) on White people:

Nasdaq is pushing for greater diversity among the more than 3,000 companies listed on its exchange. [...]

Under the proposal, the majority of companies will be required to have at least two diverse board directors: one woman and one person who identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ. If a company cannot meet these requirements, it will not be delisted, but it will need to explain why it cannot satisfy the goals. Failure to publish board data, however, could result in delisting.

According to the article, more than 75% of companies don't meet this retarded diversity standard. The new colored, BBQ, vaginas that will get hired will surely be looked upon as bright and competent.