She had a tough life!
Not France

Generous Muslims

Pay protection money or we'll take all your stuff:

Memri TV has today posted a video testimony of ISIS terrorist Shifa Ali Bashir Muhammad who has revealed that ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organisation, had given the ‘option’ to the Christians of Mosul to pay Jiziya. When some of them had refused, their property was taken over by ISIS.

More like pay money or die! We get these small details later in the article:

Interestingly, it is pertinent to note here that ISIS had threatened to slaughter Christians of Mosul. Much like Kashmir, which is India’s only Muslim dominated state, ISIS too had given a choice to its Christians citizens – Convert, pay Jiziya or die. This ISIS terrorist has now revealed that the Christians, those who were not slaughtered, had left as they had refused to pay Jiziya.

And so it has been for fourteen hundred years.


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