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The evil of equality

It doesn't matter how mediocre you are -- you'll be admitted if you possess the proper oppressed color. Some races are more equal than others:

In what it’s calling a “necessary step” to eliminate “systemic inequities,” Peel Region’s embattled public school board is ensuring Black and Indigenous students have a route into its elite academic programs.

Starting now, on applications for fall 2021, students who identify as Black, African, Métis, First Nations or Inuit and meet admission criteria, will bypass the regular selection lottery to enrol in the specialty program of their choice, according to a report released late Tuesday by the Peel District School Board.

How progressive and enlightened! Quite a few Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans will be "identifying" as Black in the coming years in Ontario, Canada.

It's uncouth to say this basic fact: diverse people are different. It's dumb to expect them to be equal. Therefore, this is something that cannot be done:

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education directed the Peel board to eliminate disparities in achievement among the various racial communities as part of its annual accountability review.

I look forward to the day when necessary steps are taken to let more Whites, Indians, and Asian students in the arenas of basketball and football. End Black Supremacy!


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