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Honorary Whites

It's tough to maintain the SYSTEMIC RACISM that benefits HORRIBLE WHITE PEOPLE Narrative when they're being beaten by Asians in America. Solution? Lump those inconvenient Asians with Whites!

One school district in Washington state has evidently decided that Asians no longer qualify as persons of color.

In their latest equity report, administrators at North Thurston Public Schools—which oversees some 16,000 students—lumped Asians in with whites and measured their academic achievements against "students of color," a category that includes "Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, and Multi-Racial Students" who have experienced "persistent opportunity gaps."

So, the definitions have basically become the following:

White = Successful
Person of Color = Failure

Leftists: OMG, we must do something about the achievement gap between "White" people and the Poor Oppressed Coloreds. Let's start with more money for public schools ...

It's a problem that can never be solved.


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