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Farming, in addition to math, is very hard

This is NOT from the Babylon Bee: Farm Tools Were Designed For Men. That’s A Problem For The Increasing Number Of Female Farmers.

[...] as a woman-owned and operated business, one of the biggest hurdles they face is their farm equipment.

Especially their John Deere tractor. It presents a myriad of problems all stemming from the fact that it was designed with a man’s upper body strength in mind.

Wait. Does this mean that women are ... weak!?

The tractor also has a safety bar that must be up while in use. Spurgeon estimates you need about 50 lbs of lifting power to get it up over your head.

“My body is completely exhausted by the end of the day,” Spurgeon says. “During the busy season, I’m out there when the sun goes up until it goes down, and then sometimes into the night. And that's like six days a week that we're doing that… it's really hard.”

An average guy has roughly double the upper body strength of your average women and that's without hitting the gym. Fighting basic biology is only going to make women more miserable.


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