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The evil of equality

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is overhauling the way it grades students. Board members say the changes are part of a larger effort to combat racism. [...]

According to data presented by the district, under the old grading system, teachers fail minority students more than White students – a lot more. [...]

By ethnicity, 23% went to Native Americans. Another 23% of failing grades went to Hispanics. And 20% of D or F grades went to Black students.

By comparison, just 7% of failing marks went to White students.

Funny, there's no mention of failures among Asians. It probably wouldn't go well with the White Supremacy Narrative.

Also, note the wording: "teachers fail minority students". It's as though these horrible RAYCISSS teachers are simply handing out no-good very-bad low grades to poor colored students and the super compassionate bureaucrats have to step in to break the chains for the oppressed.

Academic grades will now focus on mastery of the material, not a yearly average, which board members say penalizes students who get a slow start, or who struggle at points throughout the year.

Another big change, teachers can no longer consider non-material factors when grading. Things like turning work in on time and classroom behavior will now instead count towards a student's citizenship grade, not their academic grade.

I don't even understand how there's zero penalty for not turning work in on time. There must be a deadline at some point. What if the final grade is out tomorrow morning and a student still hasn't handed in an essay? Is that a zero or does the essay not count in the average? And if students are allowed to hand in assignments the day before their grade is final, then what's the point of having phantom due dates for such tasks? Worse, if such assignments don't even count towards the final grade, then why would any student even bother?

The idiots in the classroom will simply ignore the work throughout the year and hand in shit at the last minute and scream RAYCISSS! if they fail. Then, the enlightened progressives will be shocked when the real world discriminates against these colored clowns with even greater ferocity.


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