Halaal virtue signaling
Quite reasonable

Submit or die, infidels!

Their playbook has been the same for hundreds of years.

The following is going to happen all over Europe:

  • A Muslim kills a dog in a brutal fashion. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, dogs are considered dirty in Islam. You infidels should simply stop keeping dogs as pets. Otherwise, you're just provoking us to take these horrible actions. 
  • A Muslim beats up a guy who was transporting alcoholic beverages. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, alcohol is totally haraam in our religion. You infidels should simply stop consuming alcohol. Otherwise, we'll just have to crack a few skulls.
  • A Muslim beats up a non-Muslim woman in public. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, that woman was dressed up like a FILTHY WHORE. You could see her ankles! You infidel bitches should simply cover yourselves from head to toe. Otherwise, we'll continue to teach you a few lessons.

The West will have to learn again that the problem isn't the cartoons, dogs, alcohol or women not clad in garbage bags. The problem is their ignorance in thinking that Muslims won't try to turn their country into another halaal shithole.

The least violent option: send them back.


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