Dirty crime
To Make Benefit Creepy Biden

Public education is child abuse

Parents can see the fear and loathing from the teachers in real-time:

This fall, I had the disturbing experience of sitting in on my daughter's second-grade Zoom class. A full-time school psychologist kicked off her weekly session of "Social Emotional Learning" by prompting the seven-year-olds to admit that COVID-19 is scary. Do you have anything at home that makes you feel better when you're frightened? She instructed the kids to leave their computers and return with an object that they might cuddle for the remainder of class.

The lesson plans are the same: Fuck White People!

Last week, Rosiak created a website—whataretheylearning.com—to aggregate the materials sent to him by parents across the country. The trove is astonishing. In Virginia, an elementary school teacher used a slide to teach her students that "objectivity" and "individualism" are part of a "white supremacy culture." In New York, a third-grade teacher directed children to count the races represented in the characters in their books in lieu of a math lesson. In Washington state, a high school used Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist as the basis for a 40-slide indictment of America as a nation overwhelmed by systemic racism and informed its students that they, too, are racist. Any doubt of their own racism, students were assured, merely reflected their inability to apprehend their own implicit biases.

A few schools are afraid of the light.

The Rutherford County School system in Tennessee [...] asked parents to sign an agreement pledging that they would not observe their children's online classes.


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