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Poor and lazy decisions

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has sparked backlash after saying that Americans are obese because they make poor choices, in an interview with the New York Times.

Mackey said that the world is getting fat but that Americans are leading the way. He also said that the U.S. has had "more of a problem" with COVID-19 due to obesity-related comorbidities like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure.

Mackey has come under fire for saying that obesity is not an access problem, and instead said that ignorance and poor choices are to blame for obesity.

Most people are also lazy and stuck in their bad habits.

At the most basic level, people have to severely limit their sugar and carbohydrates if they want to cut weight and not gain it back. Eating sugary foods and drinking sweet beverages on a daily basis is very gratifying. Eating potatoes and broccoli and drinking water is just sad! However, those "sad" choices don't lead to devastating consequences down the road.


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