Trying to blame Trump
Creepy Joe

Tearing down history

Holy Cow, the cancel culture has sunk even further. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin, Woodrow Wilson, and many more names from American history are now personas non grata in Washington DC. A committee formed by the mayor has recommended taking their name off city-owned buildings. They also recommended removing federal assets such as the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument.

Yup. Everything white has to go. Trump explicitly asked about this a few years ago. What's amazing is the speed with which they went after Washington and Jefferson. This is what happens when you give them an inch. Soon, they'll be going after White historical figures who weren't loudly anti-slavery because SILENCE IS VIOLENCE!

I'm still waiting for them to start crying about the literal money in America: OMG, black people have to deal with images of horrible White slave-holders everyday when they buy something! America should replace those evil images with diverse angels who dindu nothin'.


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