Deleting pesky girls

Diversity Inclusion Equity (DIE)

SJWs go for computer science courses:

The course description on the Fall 2020 Course Bulletin for Computer Science at Duke states: “This course explores the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges in computing through an introduction to and analysis of various social constructs and their impact on not only computing departments and organizations but also the technologies developed. This course also introduces students to cultural competence in the context of computing.”

It never occurs to these idiots that the overwhelming majority of women have absolutely no interest in computer science. The technical and solitary nature of the field simply doesn't appeal to them.

In 1984, the percentage of women receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer science was 37 percent, according to the National Science Foundation. In 2015, 18 percent of women earned a bachelor’s degree in the field. However, there are multiple programs today that encourage females to be involved with computer science, including Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code.

Useless solutions in search of a problem.


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