SJWs on the march
A very interesting Q.

War is inevitable

It would be nice if Sweden had a Sweden Party. Instead, we get to witness a slow motion suicide of an entire nation:

A new party specifically targeting the country's growing Arab population has been founded in Sweden.

While the aptly named Arab Party sees its task as representing all Swedish Arabs and to "take responsibility" for "its people", it stressed that it doesn't intend to "Arabise" Sweden.

Of course. As we all know, Arabs are famous for their honesty and integrity:

According to the Arab Party's page, a prerequisite for becoming a member is to be of Arab origin, which is defined as "having an Arab background a few generations back with at least one parent". Additionally, applicants need to have a Swedish college or university education and have no police record for at least 5 years.

However, according to the news outlet Samhällsnytt, the party's own contact person, a 33-year-old man based in Malmö, was himself convicted as recently as 2017 for illegal threats and harassment.


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