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Sugar is the villain

My family would have plenty of junk food for a birthday celebration during my early teenage years. Cakes, sweets, samosas, chocolate bars, sodas, etc. I would eat as much as I wanted but then be ravenous in 2-3 hours! This confused me since I could go 24 hours without food if I had a big dinner. That's the insidious thing about sugar: it makes you hungry more quickly.

That's what a lot of people including many so-called experts don't get: Why do people get fat? The answer from most would be: it's because fat people are eating too many calories. Yeah, that's not the answer. Let's see if that answer makes sense if we ask that question in a slightly different manner: Why are people consuming too many calories?

Understanding that question will lead one to the answer. Of course, the mainstream is hopelessly wrong. It's almost impossible to not gain weight on the recommended diet of low fats and high carbs. Fats and proteins are your friends.


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