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Nothing new under the sun

Vox Day:

There is a reason the Prometheans don't want you to study history and why the Shapiros and Pragers relentlessly lie about it and retroactively attempt to revise it. There is nothing new under the sun. If you know history and you recognize which patterns apply to current events, you will have a very good idea what is going to happen.

Yup. One of the biggest constants from history is that people don't learn from history. Too many modern Spaniards are opening their borders to millions of Muslims while their ancestors fought for nearly eight hundred years to kick out Muslims from their lands. Young bozos in universities clamor for socialism when it has resulted in over one hundred million deaths in the previous century. These people are literally asking for more misery, suffering, and death while being smug and utterly ignorant. 

Life is an eternal struggle against idiots.


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