They haven't learned
Two Different Attitudes

Everybody is racist

Curiosity and compliments are now evidence of RAYCISSSM.

Racist: "Nigger." "Beaner." "Chink." "Paki."

Also, racist: "You speak English very well."

I was having a conversation with an Indian woman at my workplace many years ago. She was talking about her daughters. During the conversation, she said, "Like you, they don't really get Bollywood movies."

I gave her a confused look.

"Oh, they were born in Canada. They didn't learn Hindi."

I said, "I wasn't born here. I can understand what they're saying in the filims."

"You weren't born here!? But, but, you speak English very well!"

I calmly and politely informed her that she was a RACIST BITCH.

I thanked her for the compliment.


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