Muslims no good
The fruits of public education

All in the family

12 years a jogger:

A Texas cab driver accused of murder who had been on the FBI’s “Top Ten” list of fugitives has been apprehended after being on the lam since 2008, according to reports.

Yaser Abdel Said, 63, of Lewisville, northwest of Dallas, reportedly became upset when his daughters, ages 18 and 17, started dating non-Muslims, police told FOX 4 of Dallas.

On New Year’s Day 2008, Said invited his daughters Amina and Sarah out to eat but instead drove them to Irving, where he allegedly fatally shot them inside his vehicle in what were described as “honor killings,” the station reported.

If that wasn't disturbing enough:

In addition, a brother and a nephew of Said also were arrested, on federal charges of harboring a fugitive, the station reported. The FBI believes others who know Said helped him elude capture, the report said.

This just goes to show the strong family and cultural support Muslims have for their actions. These two relatives protected a monster who murdered his own children. It wouldn't be surprising to learn that they didn't hesitate to sweep other low-level crimes under the rug. Domestic abuse, for example.


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