Disintegrating over Tokyo
Then they came for math




You live in a liberal country. You chose this one knowing very well that it is thousand times better than any conservative country you can think of.

Now how does that sit with your views that liberals as jokers/hypocrites.

Just trying to understand things.


I am no fan of this current avatar of Liberalism which whitewashes Jihadism and is unto I feel like a female and hence I am kinda attitude. But we have to be clear what exactly defines liberalism.

Isaac Schrödinger

Some years ago, a few Muslims left Canada, joined ISIS, slaughtered many, and then came back. The New York Times interviewed one of these monsters; he described how shooting people in the back of the head gets easier with each additional kill. These murderers are allowed to roam free. This happened in the same country where a guy was jailed for six months for the crime of writing "No More Muslims" on a public bench.

The name of the political party in power in Canada? The Liberals. The dictionary definition of the word "liberal" or "liberalism" is galaxies away from the actions of modern-day liberals. They cry and beat their chests over some White idiot who says "cunt", "nigger", or "faggot" but then they virtue-signal by opening the doors to millions of people who beat women, buy and sell blacks, and hang homosexuals.

Essentially, they have different standards for Whites and the rest; all the way from university admissions to rape and murder.

This won't end well.


In other words, liberalism per se is not bad, it is the modern avatar of it.
I don't know what is wrong with conservatism, but not one C country is livable. I still consider
most of the western countries where Indians would love to immigrate as liberal.

I think this should be kept in mind while bashing liberals.


Take Indians in USA. Here there are liberal states and conservative states. Very few Indians would like to live in conservative states, especially those who are in tech industry. Why is that conservative states do not have the same contribution in science and tech compared to liberal states.

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