The God-Emperor Shall Not Be Mocked
They have to go back

Thank you, Russia!

Professor Reynolds:

I think of BLM and Antifa as the most valuable get-out-the-vote troops for Trump2020. Post-election, Democrats will be claiming that the protests they’re supporting now were actually manipulated by Russia to get Trump re-elected.

Did the Democrats think that the MSM could continue to deceive the general public and blame it all on Trump in the age of cheap smartphones and YouTube?

Vox Day:

I knew Trump would win Minnesota in 2020 back in 2016. But the riots and the burning of the Lake and Hiawatha neighborhood sealed the deal.

Trump lost Minnesota by a tiny margin. The continued assaults by the Left will definitely tilt it towards Trump. Plus, all the right states can witness the ugly reality of the Left on TV every day. They'll have even more reason to show up and vote for Trump.

This Black Looters Matter horseshit and defund the police nonsense is a serious fuck up by the Democrats.


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