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No peace, even in death

The Daily Mail: Outrage as Muslim fanatics 'dig up three-day-old girl's body from cemetery and leave it beside a road because she was from a different sect'.

That title was enough for my correct guess: the girl was from an Ahmadi family.

Leaders of a minority Muslim group accused 'fanatics' of digging up a baby girl's body from her grave and dumping it by a roadside. The three-day-old girl was an Ahmadi Muslim and had only been buried for a few hours in a cemetery in Ghatura in the eastern district of Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh before being dug up.

Move over D-Day

These souls have earned their Medals of Honor:

A local Fox 10 news outlet reported that police officers were refused service Tuesday night by several Five Guys employees.

The officers claim that six or seven employees in the establishment turned their backs on the officers as they entered the restaurant chain. One officer reportedly heard an employee say, “I’m not serving them.”

So brave. Who knew that these burger flippers had it in them to stand up to the officers of White Supremacy and absolutely refuse to ... flip burgers.

Halaal virtue signaling

The Religion of Peace from Pakistan:

This is what passes for virtue in Islamic countries: showcasing your ruthlessness against the non-Muslims. These savages think that being cruel is cool.

Can you imagine the following in the West today: a mild mannered Christian father calmly records a video in which his kid promises to kill Muslims because of the construction of a mosque in their capital city? Unfortunately, it will come to that because the other side only understands force and power.

Hakim go bye bye

Another oppressed teenager shot and killed by police in America:

Protests erupted Friday evening at the scene where a 19-year old man, identified as Hakim Littleton, was shot and killed by Detroit police after he pulled a gun on one officer and fired several times at point blank range.

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, officers were searching for a person involved in a Fourth of July shooting that wounded five people and left three others dead.

Craig said he released a body cam video of the incident to curb "a false narrative" that the shooting was an act of police brutality against an unarmed civilian.

Here's what the family of the dead Einstein has to say:

Members of Littleton's family refuted the police department's report, claiming that the 19-year-old was unarmed and surrendering.

"They murdered him. Shot him in his back walking down the street. Oh they told them to freeze, OK, put your hands up. And they did, and they shot him trying to put his phone in his pocket," said Deseanae Wells, the victim's cousin.

Here's the video:

He was a dumb thug and the family is scum.

Keep the hate flowing

The main problem is incompetent or nefarious cops who are shielded from consequences while the average person is crushed for the smallest violation. However, the fake news MSM wants to push the Horrible RAYCISSS White Supremacist Police Narrative. This is particularly amusing in cities where most of the cops are not even White. Why would Black police officers shoot and kill Black people. Apparently, it's because these Black cops are ... White Supremacists!?

Of course, any research that conflicts with this wicked Narrative is problematic.

A study finding that police shootings are not racist may be retracted because it was cited by a conservative in the Wall Street Journal. On June 2, Heather MacDonald, a conservative legal scholar, discussed the study in a widely-read Wall Street Journal column, "The Myth of Systemic Police Racism."

That publicity resulted in an enormous backlash against the academics who conducted and discussed the study, by progressive academics angry about its conclusions.

Painful survival

Mounting evidence shows that even if Covid-19 kills less than 1% of patients, it doesn’t necessarily leave the others it infects unharmed. Even those who have “recovered” may have long-term impacts from it. [...]

All these early reports point to the possibility that Covid-19 causes acute infection, but also long-term inflammatory damage. Inflammatory diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. If Covid-19 worsens these conditions — or causes its own long-term inflammatory damage — the result could be millions of additional deaths from heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and the like, especially in already vulnerable populations. These effects of the disease may not be apparent for years or decades.

Only time will tell us the true cost: how many millions will survive but suffer in the coming months and years?

Those famous young people

A gang viciously beat up a bus driver in France:

On Sunday evening, July 5, around 7 p.m. in Bayonne, France, a gang of so-called “young people” boarded a bus without a ticket or coronavirus masks. After the driver, a 59-year-old father of three, asked them to vacate the bus, the gang violently punched and kicked him repeatedly, leaving him brain-dead. Several unnamed “youths”, who are known to the police, have been arrested in the assault.

We get an update from the police:

On the French Police Instructors Official Facebook Page the names of the attackers have been released: Mohamed C., Mohammed A., Moussa B. and Sélim Z.

I'm shocked!

Then they came for math

Brittany Marshall, a self-described teacher and Ph.D. student, took to Twitter this past weekend to voice her displeasure about the concept of 2+2=4, saying the “idea” of the simple math equation is merely “cultural.”

Brittany Marshall set her twitter account to private but the Internet never forgets:

“Nope the idea of 2+2 equaling 4 is cultural and because of western imperialism/colonization, we think of it as the only way of knowing,” wrote Marshall.

Never go full retard.

Disintegrating over Tokyo

The skies over Tokyo were lit up by an explosive extraterrestrial object early Thursday morning that also came with a sonic boom, according to some reports. [...]

"We were able to calculate a source energy of the entering asteroid of about (165 tons or 150 metric tonnes) of TNT," reads an IMO blog post.

It was really fast with a speed of 15 km/s. The Japanese are lucky that it wasn't large enough to survive and hit Tokyo.

Ignoring the COC

The media simply leaves out inconvenient details. This was no mere luxury car. It was a luxury Car Of Color.

No love for Stefan

Your turn will come as well. Only a matter of time.

Anyway, the Supreme Dark Lord took apart N. N. Taleb on his IQ errors a year and a half ago.

Shocking deterioration

COVID-19 almost killed this athlete:

Although he was once a 215-pound chiseled, muscled man, his tone had deflated. “I woke up and looked at my arms, my legs, and my muscles were gone. I was kind of freaking out, like where are my legs? Where did my legs go?” he tells CNN. He weighed 153 pounds when he woke up.

That is some serious damage. Ayyad survived but his lifespan definitely took a hit.

Belly flop

“Pakistan has 860 active pilots, which includes PIA, Serene Air and Air Blue pilots as well. The inquiry which was initiated in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not give the exam themselves and asked someone else to sit for exam on their behalf,” the minister said. He said they have found out during the investigations that pilots with ‘fake’ licences did not even have proper flying experience. The 40 per cent 'fake' licence holders also include hundreds of pilots who are not 'active flyers.'

Sarwar further revealed: “Pilots were also appointed on political basis, unfortunately. Merit was ignored while appointing pilots,” he added. He said that degrees of at least four PIA pilots had also been found to be fake, Pakistan media reported.

When the fake pilots inevitably fail, people die:

In his provisional report, the minister held pilots and the air control tower responsible for causing the PIA plane crash in Karachi. The PIA flight PK8303, carrying 99 people including eight crew members, crashed into a densely populated residential area near Karachi airport on May 22.

The Pakistanis should be more worried if the pilots here had real licences.

The EU is not interested in belly landings:

The European Union's aviation safety agency said Tuesday that Pakistan's national airline will not be allowed to fly into Europe for at least six months after the country's aviation minister claimed last week that nearly a third of Pakistani pilots had cheated on their pilot's exam.

The New Woke Math

A teacher could be fired in Canada for giving a "zero" on an assignment that wasn't handed in or on a test that was never taken.

Many school boards and bureaucrats have decided that it’s best to never give a ‘zero’ grade – regardless of whether kids even hands in assignments.

The most well known case is the brave Edmonton high school teacher Lynden Dorval, who dared to give zeros for skipped assignments – and was suspended for it.

And then later, he was fired.

Soon, a teacher in Canada will be destroyed for his raycisss behavior towards an angelic member of the oppressed class:

The 2017 study by James reported that 42 per cent of all Black students in the Toronto, York, Peel and Durham school boards had been suspended at least once by the time they leave high school.

The issue was also highlighted in a recent third-party review of the Peel District School Board that painted a damning picture of dysfunction among administrators who are ill-prepared to deal with anti-Black racism directly affecting students.

The review found that black students make up only 10.2 per cent of the secondary school population in Peel but represent about 22.5 per cent of the students receiving suspensions.

In a given semester, a teacher who has one class gives detention to two students. The racial composition of his class: 20 White students and 2 Black students. He gave detention to only 5% of the White students whereas he punished 50% of the Black students!

According to the Principles of Woke Mathematica, he's a RAYCISSS!

Solution? Abolish detentions.

A glimpse of the future

The Supreme Dark Lord:

The history of the CHAZunards was brief, but glorious. And it was important, too. It showed us exactly what life in the post-USA is going to be like for everyone.

Yes. It's one thing to read about the fall of civilizations of times past but to see it at the micro level in real-time is quite chilling. It was so swift and easy. The political elite didn't give a flying fuck at first as they were shielded behind gates and armed security. They only acted when they felt threatened. That's quite a lesson.

Some groups are more equal than others

Paul Joseph Watson:

After The Donald subreddit was banned by Reddit, users drew attention to the site’s policy on hate speech, which explicitly does not protect “people who are in the majority.”

Of course. Here are the actual words:

“While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate.”

Nothing screams progressive like Fuck White People.

Fake News tries hard

The Enemy of the People supports the mob:

"How do you feel about becoming the face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement?" was Cuomo's first question.

"First of all, that’s a completely ridiculous statement," McCloskey responded. "I'm not the face of anything opposing to Black Lives Matters movement. I was a person scared for my life who was protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate. I didn't care what color they were. I didn't care what their motivation was. I was frightened. I was assaulted and I was in imminent fear that they would run me over, kill me, burn my house."

McCloskey continued, "To give you context, on June 2nd, I watched the city burn, I watched the 7-11 get smashed in, looted and burned for 40 minutes on live television with nobody showing up to do anything. I realized at that time, we're on our own, when bad things happen, they unpredictably turn really bad, really fast. That same night, retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered. These things get very bad very quickly. And when those people came through the gate, when it was a mob, I didn't take the time to see their birth certificates or anything else, I was defending my life, my house, my wife and what I spent 32 years building there."