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The main problem is incompetent or nefarious cops who are shielded from consequences while the average person is crushed for the smallest violation. However, the fake news MSM wants to push the Horrible RAYCISSS White Supremacist Police Narrative. This is particularly amusing in cities where most of the cops are not even White. Why would Black police officers shoot and kill Black people. Apparently, it's because these Black cops are ... White Supremacists!?

Of course, any research that conflicts with this wicked Narrative is problematic.

A study finding that police shootings are not racist may be retracted because it was cited by a conservative in the Wall Street Journal. On June 2, Heather MacDonald, a conservative legal scholar, discussed the study in a widely-read Wall Street Journal column, "The Myth of Systemic Police Racism."

That publicity resulted in an enormous backlash against the academics who conducted and discussed the study, by progressive academics angry about its conclusions.


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